Import and sale of "Belle Macchine"

Carbonara buys and sells 'Belle Macchine' from Italy.
Born out of a passion for Italian beauty's.
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From Italy, with love.

Carbonara is two good friends, love for Italy and a passion for vintage cars. Active between Maastricht and Rome, we buy top quality classics in Italy for the northern European market. Our extensive network and knowledge of the territory guarantees the acquisition of only the best cars on the market, at great prices.

Fiat 500 Carbonara Electric

Carbonara has created an electric version of the iconic Fiat 500 city car. Today’s technology in a sixties packaging. That’s what the team of Carbonara Vintage Cars wanted to obtain creating the Fiat 500 Carbonara Electric. Vintage cars will remain the passion of many people for many years to come. We cannot ignore however the climate around us that is changing, in both the environmental sense as in the legal sense. The Fiat 500 CE offers a solution for both problems. The whisper-quiet 100% electric drive is zero-emissions and can be used in the strictest of Low Emission Zones.

The electric driveline is produced by Newtron, one of the first companies in the world manufacturing electric drive conversion kits for existing vehicles, also called retrofit. Making a retrofit kit for the classic Fiat 500 was an obvious choice for Newtron. The petrol tank is replaced by a battery pack, the combustion engine by an electric motor retaining the original transmission and the accelerator is substituted by an electric version. They are constantly being developed and use the latest technologies. They are completely compliant with European law and the Dutch authority for road vehicles has approved the Fiat 500 CE for use on the roads. Carbonara is the point of reference for all Newtron products in the Benelux rea.

Powering the Fiat 500 CE is a 10kw electric motor, which in combination with the LFP battery pack of 10kw the car is capable of a range of 80-120 kilometres depending on driving style. The original transmission is kept in place, but changing gears is unnecessary thanks to the high torque of the electric motor. For city driving the car can be used permanently in third gear, where acceleration is brisk and the top speed is around 70km/h. For use outside the city fourth gear can be engaged enabling the car to reach its top speed of 95km/h. The Fiat 500 CE can be used on the motorway, but just like the original this supermini really feels at home in the city.

For who is interested in owning a Fiat 500 CE there are three basic possibilities. It’s possible to provide your own car to be retrofitted by the team of Carbonara. Another option is to choose one of the many Fiat 500s we have in stock for a conversion, or we look for a car in a version and colour combination of your liking. The last option is to have a car completely custom built and restored to new condition to your exact specifications. Please contact us for a quotation.